Not a lot of wind last weeks! But no worry we didn’t go to Shark Bay yet, another touristic place to discover! There we saw little sharks, big fish, a lot of dolphins and emus! Hundreds of mosquitos woke us up at 6 o clock and the hot weather the day (40 degrees) and night made us very lazy. Instead of walking we did everything by our car with airco, lay down at the beach in the shadow and eat. Four days of doing almost nothing there made us tired. But……. the weather forecast in Coro’s looked good again! Time to move our ass!

Afbeelding 6

Back in the world with reception on my telephone and internet in Coro’s (Geraldton), we booked our ticket back home, 30 March! That’s when I suddenly realized I had probably one more day of sailing!
I didn’t practice the pushloop yet and I wanted to get it before I did go home! One more day to stick it!
Unfortunately, it was almost flat at Coro’s, but at least there was wind. I tried a couple of pushloops on small round ‘waves’.  Just didn’t turn enough around and had some funny crashes. But most of the tries I had the feeling I was pretty close. Only need more power and maybe some bigger waves??
A guy and Eric who saw me practicing and gave me some advice  (thanks!) and said I really SHOULD’T try it on small waves!  An hour later, bigger waves came in!! Super duper motivated I tried it on a bigger one and landed it perfect!?! After that one, I landed even some more pushloops! Jippyyyy yeeeee! Still smiling! Got it!

This one down under is not the most perfect one, but at least as a coincidence someone filmed me ;)

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