Probably no Sylt for me :s

In Fuerteventura I fell down nasty when I was doing my first flaka attemps. I thought it was easier to try it with a small wave instead of totally flat water. Maybe not the best idea, because when it goes wrong……

The orthopedic doctor told me that my syndesmose (distal connection between tibia and fibula) is broken and my lateral ligaments are damaged. Fortunately I don’t need a operation, but unfortunately a syndesmose is not the most easiest thing in the ankle to heal. For 5 weeks my foot will be packed with this blue thing. Tomorrow I go to the sports doctor and see what is possible for training my foot to recover as soon as possible!

My lame foot need some rest anyway, so next weeks I will have enough time for finishing my first medicine master year by making 2 big exams. With the perspective that I’m going to book a ticket to Jeriquaquare, cheers me up! Can’t wait to sail again!