South Africa!!

I’m just back from South Africa. It was great! In january there were pretty big waves and I surfed my biggest waves (5m) ever! Sometimes I was scared, but I did get a lot of adrednaline and couldn’t stop smiling when I came out of the water. Some waves took me very nasty, but the most importent thing: it was fun!

In Maui I learned to sail starboard tack. My goal in South Africa was to become better in sailing port tack and learning my forwards in this direction too. My forwards are okay now, and I’m even working at my push- and backloops.



After 3.5 week in South Africa I landed very nasty after overrotating a backloop. My foot swelled immediately and after taking X-rays at the hospital, the advise was resting for at least six weeks!

nice elephant foot?                                              overrotated backloop?

Sunset beach


Doctors always give save advise, so after 2.5 week I could already just surf a little bit my new malibu board (7.2) which I bought in South Africa.
Unfortunately (but maybe lucky for my foot), there was not always enough wind for sailing, but there were some good waves for surfing. With some friends I made a surftrip to the east coast (Garden route) and drove to surfspots like Plettenberg and Jeffry’s Bay. Very beautifull clean waves! Some waves were even to beautifull for me….. A couple of times I didn’t dare to drop in by knowing I’ll probably wasted a nice wave for someone else who could surf way better! Sorry guys for ruining some waves!
Plettenberg                                                          Louw, Bart, Eric….

When we passed the Bloukrans bridge (216m, highest bungy jump) it looked like it was a nice jumping spot. As long as I can remember I asked myself the same question when I’m standing at big hight: How would it feel to jump off an fly? Every time I had to convince myself not to try it without a rope. I was just so curious. So this time I tought I couldn’t get a better place to try with a rope. Well than jump! And so I did. It was pretty nice, but still nothing compared with riding a big wave.

Don’t I look happy?

Besides the nice surfing spots and the jumping spot at the Garden route, we made a little tour from Jeffry’s Bay to the Elephant park. I felt immediately home with my elephant foot. And it was worth, even with my bad eyes I saw a lot of elephants. Couldn’t miss!

For almost 3 weeks there was no wind. Luckily, the last 4 days, before I went back to the cold Netherlands, there came wind and I could windsurf again! Damn windsurfing is so much fun in Africa! Now, in Holland I can’t wait to go windsurfing again. I’m getting more addicted every time!

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