PWA Tenerife

When the PWA in Pozo was finished, I was glad it was time for another spot. Although, I didn’t know what to expect from Tenerife (el Medano) at all. The PWA arranged our equipment going to Tenerife by ferry, perfect. I did get a lift from Victor by car on the boat, thanks!

The atmosphere in Tenerife is way different then in Pozo. Everywhere are nice restaurants and it is a lot more layed back! The surf/sailconditions are also way different: lighter wind, but bigger waves. My parents are in Tenerife too :D and I sleep at their apartment. It’s nice now they can see where my passion is all about. They never saw me sailing on the ocean before, so even when they see me passing the shore brake they already looking proud. For sure I explained them some moves so that they wouldn’t cheer too enthusiastic when I just jumped


My heat in the single elimination against Alice I won. Did some wave rides and a forward. In the afternoon my heat was supposed to be against Karin Jaggi. I was waiting in the shorebrake and when my watch told me it was time I sailed out, made a nice forward and some waverides. Then when I looked around I saw there was something wrong. Came back and the heat was cancelled, cause two guys had a fight about the heat before….

Allright so my heat was next morning at 9 ‘o clock. With my not-morning-person-head I still did a proper forward again and some wave rides. I was a bit disappointed about the fact I couldn’t try a pushloop, cause I didn’t had enough power. Karin Jaggi also did a forward and better waves rides. She is a very good waverider and you can see she has a lot of experience.I lost. My double elimination I had to go against Heike Reimann. This was my first heat I didn’t enjoy it at all. Cause my board is just 64L, I couldn’t manage to plane. In the heat I changed my sail to a bigger one and it was still not working. Couldn’t jump at all! I was soooo frustrated. At least I made some pretty nice wave rides. Heike won, cause she made a forward and sailed a good heat. Never I felt so disappointed after a heat! I really need a bigger board somehow?!

In the final the girls where ripping. Karin Jaggi and Nyra Alonso showed that they are very good wave riders! The twins where showing some amazing loops and perfect waverides.

results womans fleet:

  1. Daida Moreno
  2. Iballa Moreno
  3. Nayra Alonso

9.    me

After 3 days the single and double eliminations were already done, so there came a expression session. That means everybody together and see who made the best move or wave ride. I did a forward and almost landed a backloop. Evi Tsape won the jump by a pushloop en Karin Jaggi did the nicest wave ride.

The PWA in Tenerife organised everything very good. The was a huge opening parade, nice dinners, good partys, could play golf and one day we went to the waterpark. In the waterpark we did get a bracelet so we didn’t had to wait anywhere. Perfect! We were happy like little children up the stairs and sliding down as fast as possible.

The PWA event with all the sailors, friends and parents in Tenerife was really fun! Thanks everybody for making it such a nice event.